Ashley Pawlak, Property Manager Chesapeake Point Townhomes

I am writing in reference for the company Sampson Cleans All. Our property has been contracting Sampson to clean all of our units and occasionally the needed carpet cleaning of our townhomes. We also have a few single family homes in the Akron area that we have used their services to make ready. We would highly recommend this company to anyone in need. We have not had any issues with the scheduling or performance of the cleaning. Several times we have needed them last minute to clean units for immediate move-ins, and never once have they not been able to complete. Please feel free to contact my office at any time with any questions. I would be more than happy to comply and offer any information needed. Sincerely, Ashley Pawlak Property Manager Chesapeake Point Townhomes 1070 Chesapeake Drive Akron, Ohio 44306 P: 330.785.1111 F: 330.786.0000

Michelle Jimenez, Brittain Circle Apartments Property Manager

Judy Sampson has cleaned for our company for over 5 years. She cleans halls, windows, power washes, cleans apartments, cleans carpets, and cleans vacant mobile homes. I would recommend her company to anyone who wants a very detailed and efficient job done. They are OUTSTANDING!! They have numerous times cleaned for us on emergency occasions. She has always made her job a priority and takes everything she does to heart. I just could not he happier with her work and the time she dedicates to us! Questions please contact our office. Sincerely, Michelle Jimenez Property Manager 330-633-7333

Meredith Poczontek, Castle Apartments Operations Manager

Sampson Cleans All cleans our corporate office five nights a week (5 bathrooms, 5 offices, kitchen, conference room, reception) and common areas twice week (hallways, laundry rooms). They also clean three of our satellite offices on a monthly basis. We are pleased with the work they’ve done for us for the past three years. Meredith Poczontek Operations Manager Castle Apartments (330) 865-5600

Michelle Pasenow, Property Manager

I completely recommend Sampson Cleans All for your cleaning needs. I have been using their services for a year now, and I have never been disappointed in either the quality of the work or the amount I’ve paid. Judy and her team are dedicated and professional. They arrive on time for scheduled appointments, and they always have the proper materials to get a job finished. And, most importantly for a cleaning crew, the place actually feels clean when they’re done. What’s more, they’re quick about it, so you never feel like you’re waiting around for the cleaners to be done. Sampson Cleans All is easily the best cleaning company around. If you’d like a clean home or office, they should be your first choice every time. Respectfully, Michelle Pasenow Property Manager